Environment Variables

Gerbil uses a few environment variables, which affect the behaviour of the runtime and toolchain:



This is the root of your Gerbil installation.

The runtime expects the gerbil system modules to be located in $GERBIL_HOME/lib, which is set as the first component of the runtime load path. The compiler also expects to find system static compilation artifacts there.

This variable must be set for dynamic executables to be able to load the runtime. gxi and gxc can deduce it automatically from their installation path if it's not set.


This is the root of your Gerbil workspace, which is the read-write component of the system. If it's not set, then it defaults to ~/.gerbil.

The runtime adds $GERBIL_PATH/lib as the second component of the runtime load path.

The toolchain uses $GERBIL_PATH as default artifact output directory:

  • gxc outputs compiled modules to $GERBIL_PATH/lib, unless otherwise instructed.
  • :std/make outputs compiled modules to $GERBIL_PATH/lib and binaries to $GERBIL_PATH/bin, unless otherwise instructed.


This is a colon separated list of directories to be appended to the runtime load path. You can use this for loading site specific libraries. By default it's unset, which is equivalent to an empty value.


This is the program name or path to the gsc compiler executable; defaults to gsc.

This variable is used by Gerbil v0.14-DEV-73-g7a2a91c1 and later; earlier versions hardcode gsc as the compiler program name.