This is the reference documentation for Gerbil. We aim to exhaustively document the Scheme primitives, the Gambit primitives, the Gerbil core prelude, runtime builtins, the standard library, and the Meta-expander context. We also have a guide for developers of Gerbil.

The idea of extensive and easy to use documentation is at our forefront. This is still a WIP and there's more to come. If you need certain things now see the R5RS document for basic Scheme primitives used as a part of our prelude along with the Gambit Manual for our underlying implementation internals.

If you're viewing this as a webpage online almost every page has a link whereby you can edit and request a commit. Even if it's just pointing out the issue every part helps.

When information is missing, out of date, or unclear, it's a bug! If you cannot edit try to contact us (by email, on Gitter or GitHub, etc.) and we'll get it done.